good noodles

Here is a thing about noodles, many people think it’s not as healthy, as compared to rice vermicellis like beehoon, kwetiaw, etc. However, not many knows the fact that traditional noodles are actually good, and taste better in a way. The only ingredients used are plain flour and EGGs!! I mean, anyone knows how much protein and goodness contained in eggs right? so no doubt this is much much better than the usual noodles (usually it’s yellow in color) and even the rice vermicellis themselves.
And since this kind of noddles are usually handmade, there’s not much preservatives involved, therefore, it’s much safer for pregnant ladies and babies.

There are alot of ready-made ones too (apart from our handmade ones), like udon, and some traditional wet markets are offering. the key is look for white color instead of yellow ( the yellow comes from ‘air tajin’ which is extremely dirty and full of bacteria and viruses).

Normally, the more eggs in it, the harder it becomes and less mushy.

Another reason why mothers used to give us less noodles because it contains alot of MSG (monosodium glutamat, ‘ajinomoto’ or ‘masako’ in common words in Indo… frankly it’s just a brand that has become so accustomed to, that it becomes the thing itself.) for making it tastes as good.

Nowadays, we can have alot of other options than just the MSG and OIL. We can use ‘olive oil‘ or ‘canola oil‘ as the substitute ( they are the ‘good’ oils). And for soup, we can do nice chicken soup (with alot of vegetables, and chicken to be simmered in a few hours to get the sweetness into the soup), or maybe beef soup (for those of you who prefers beef than chicken, try to fry the beef in butter to add the flavours).  They are as healthy as anything, and we are sure that your babies will deffinitely love them. It is good for pregnant ladies too as it is full of nutritions.


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