YAY!!! We now provide services for gatherings, like birthdays, even small family gatherings can cater to us. We can help to do budgeting, and menu setting. Therefore, there’s no boundaries on what you can ask from us, everything is possible (well, as long as we can provide that of course…).

We can delivery to offices (office meetings, or small celebrations on something the offices achieved), open houses, schools (children’s birthdays, or even teachers’ treats, or bazaars), or some function halls or even hotels (you know, like wedding lunches when everybody is busy, and the family guests kept in the hotel rooms with no where else to go for lunch or maybe something simple for the crews, the photographers, or wedding organizers… or even breakfasts for the bride or family).

our menus also ranges from small bites, titbits (like our nuggets, small fritters, canapes, or nice little desserts, etc.) to main courses. You can tell us what you want from us, be it chinese food, or japanese, korean, italian, or more frenchy (again… indonesian food is not really our forte, just for information, however, we still can provide upon requests). so just tell us your budget and requirements, then we will give you the proposal on menu and price according to what you ask for. couldn’t be easier rite?




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