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new moves new menus

It’s been a while, since I’m running out of “maids” and “helpers” and I’m kinda not sure when they will be back (it has already been a month!!!). Since with my “getting-bigger” tummy, my activities are restricted to certain things. So here’s what we will do.
We’ll set our gathering service menus into a few categories based on the style of cooking. We might have some fusions included inside (since that’s what I’m good at), but basically you all can choose all of the things in the menu (or outside the menus of course!).
Updates will be up soon in the “service page”!!! Just wait and see.

Another thing we’d like to inform is that, we will also have some new products coming up, and we will reach out more frequently to you! We will take parts in bazaar and events. So for those handling bazaars and events, please do contact us if you are interested for us being your vendors! Overall, I’m really happy and excited with this new directions!!!

Mama chicko


Fried Shallots

With the ending of our daily family catering services (due to Lebaran period and my pregnancy), we started our new product, fried shallots. I realized that a lot of people likes to eat rice (be it plain ones, or seasoned ones like yellow rice or hainanese chicken rice) topped with the fried chopped shallots.
In my mom’s neighbourhood wet market, there are a lot of people selling those, packed ones. I was thinking of buying it before my mom was sceptical about it and said that those contain too much “unhealthy” un saturated oil, and what’s more, most people wants to gain as much profit, thus frying it again and again, and we all know how bad it is to eat re-cycled palm oil. Moreover, with the seasoning, which mostly contains MSG, it’s so not good for me and the baby. Then my mom mentioned, why not making it ourselves?
Since my mom bought a lot of those shallots (the type used for fried ones is completely different from the ones we use for stirfrying or cooking), so I asked my friends, I will do like what we do for ourselves, no repeatations of the frying oil, no additives, no MSG.
This will be our permanent products soon. Check out the pricing at the “tidbits” area. Yay!!!


homeless day

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Got this order from one of my good friend, a well-to-do photographer (well, to be honnest, my previous career was a glamourous one… ). She does this social work every now and then (depends on her tight schedule of course). … Continue reading


vegetarian in order

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chinese style indonesian style Got this order from a temple. It was cap-go (where most buddhist are in the temple doing their prayers) and the client wanted it to be easy and carry for people who attend. And since there … Continue reading


birthday burger

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Had job orders from my daughter’s school friend’s mom. She wanted it to be easy breezy and simple. She was interested in the japanese mini hamburg I was making. But since japanese style will have to be with the sauce … Continue reading

member get member programme

Since we have lots of request for discounts ‘coz some clients actually introduces their friends and relatives to us, we made this for them, member-get-member programme.

This is the details:

1. For every new clients you introduces us, you get 10% off for the next month’s subscription. Example, you introduce 1 client in January, means 10% off your February bill. You introduce 2 clients in February, means 20% off your March bill, and so on. This also means if you introduce us 10 clients in a month, means you get your next month’s bill FOC (what could be more?)

2. If the clients you introduce, continue for the following month, means you get additional 5% off for the same month. Example, your friend continue to subscribe with us for 2 months, means your first month would be the 10% off , and the second month would be the 5% off.

3. Subsequently, for the following month, the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on so forth, you will still get 1% off your bills. This means if you get 5 of your friends to continue with our catering, you will get another 5% off your monthly bills.

4. All of this discount only applicable for the food menus (and not the transport fee).

5. Discounts will stop when you stop subscribing with us.

taster pack

We’ve been trying to make this new program called “taster package”. A smaller package than our normal office and mom’s package, but the catch is it’s totally FOC*.
All we asked for is a taste of our food and your review, in your social media, be it facebook, twitter, blogs, even instagram or your own site.
About a month ago, we gave some of jakarta’s foodbloggers get the first start of trying our catering food. We even delivered to their doorsteps.

Here’s some of the review from a well-to-do foodblogger, irene’s getting fat :

We’ll give more updates on other reviews:) just be sure to follow us to know about it:)


update: charity bazaar 25 Oct ’12

I’m cracking my head open with what to make on the charity bazaar. I’d love to make those of my favorites (so at least, people get to buy, and the money get to go to the needy kids) or at … Continue reading


charity bazaar 25oct2012

A few days ago, we were offered by our kid’s school teachers to join the bazaar for KDM charity event in the school. I agreed! For those who would like to test our catering food before engaging us as your … Continue reading


Kid’s menu

Kid’s menu today: 1. Butter garlic toumiao We use organicĀ  baby tou Miao here. We took off all the stems for easy chewing. French butter is used here as well to give more milky taste (We understand that kids mostly … Continue reading