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herbal jelly (gui ling gao)

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I first time tried this chinese dessert when I was about 15 years old in HongKong. It was like a habit back then and there, there were almost always this kind of herbal shops at every single turns and corners. … Continue reading


craving for katong laksa

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pictures are taken from: Anyone who knows me personally kinda know I’ve stayed my way in Singapore for quite some time. Those time has been a memorable ones. My likeness to Singapore cuisine hasn’t really died down since then. … Continue reading


Medanese nasi uduk

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Been wanted to eat this nasi uduk for quite some time and I always find it finished whenever I’m going there (muara karang wet market, kopitiam 28). Well, this time I got the chance to eat it. Love the sambal … Continue reading


food review: Hide Yamamoto

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I had to go Singapore for some job, and for my mom’s check up. Just nice my dad was there too on business trip, since we had all the family members together on “cap go meh”, my dad decided to … Continue reading

taster pack

We’ve been trying to make this new program called “taster package”. A smaller package than our normal office and mom’s package, but the catch is it’s totally FOC*.
All we asked for is a taste of our food and your review, in your social media, be it facebook, twitter, blogs, even instagram or your own site.
About a month ago, we gave some of jakarta’s foodbloggers get the first start of trying our catering food. We even delivered to their doorsteps.

Here’s some of the review from a well-to-do foodblogger, irene’s getting fat :

We’ll give more updates on other reviews:) just be sure to follow us to know about it:)


bubble booms!

been sick these few days, and my dearest sister is here (she is on holiday since this time is a down-time for hotel work in Singapore before going up again very soon in late November, early December due to Christmas … Continue reading


zucchero plate @ zucchero espresso bar

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Ate this plate not long ago and found it’s really a hearty meal. Since it’s hard to find good bacon here in Jakarta, this is really one of a kind (although maybe common in western countries). The toasts were abit … Continue reading