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All natural pancake

Saw this post in facebook from ‘Kasey Provost Smith’, a fitness guru shared this all natural gluten-free recipe for breakfast. I thought might as well I share it in my blog to let my reader see! it’s good and healthy, and very convenient to bring as school snacks (following the previous post about healthy food programme).

Banana on Pancake

Banana on Pancake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– 1 ripe banana
– 2 whole eggs
That’s it. Just mix together in a bowl and make sure the banana is all mashed (I prefer to use blender in this case). Then spray your pan with some “spray & cook” or coconut oil, or even some butter. On a low to medium heat, scoop some of the batter into the pan & give it about 20-30 sec, flip, and done! Serve and eat!
*Some advice would be to make them small so its easier to flip
Under 250 calories, nearly 14g of protein! No processed anything! These pancakes are gluten free, low calorie. ~ from Easy Recipes, Your Guide to Simple Recipes

mommies can add some fruit syrup (just boil some sugar, and the kids’ favorite fruits like apples, or strawberries in chunks) as the topping to bring to school. Healthy and yummy!


Mama Chicko


first cooking class: chicken

Cola chicken
3 cup chicken
Herb (thyme) chicken
Pan-roasted potatoes (jamie oliver’s 30min meals)
Rustic mashed potatoes

This class happened about a month ago, before the Lebaran celebration took place. Since all the mommies at our daughter’s school were soon running out of maids and babysitters, some of them were confused of what to cook, easy to prepare meals, yet tasty and healthy, without needing much of any helpers’ hands.
That day, one of our gang members volunteered her apartment as the cooking place. The theme was just simply chickens and potatoes.
Instead of putting all the 3 chickens in 1 dish, I decided to divide into 3 different dishes, to show all the mommies how easy to cook the chickens (well, I can cook 3 types in about 2 hours, so how hard it can be to cook just 1 type? ) And 2 types of potatoes.

I asked the market seller to cut the chicken, each into 10 pieces for easy cooking. Leave out the head, and the feet for chicken stock later on.

I also cut the potatoes with the skin on! In my opinion, it tastes better with the skin than without the skin. And it also cut down on dirt and rubbish to throw. And save you so much work peeling those skin. What’s more? Well, the only catch is you have to wash and brush the skin (since you are going to eat it). But if you ask me, I’d rather buy those organic or hydroponic ones (which are mostly quite clean already) and brush, than having to peel them off one by one.

1. Cola chicken

Basically there’s nothing much to prepare the chicken other than washing them clean.
Heat the wok, about 1 tablespoon of oil (I sometimes like it less), and put in lots of ginger (and I mean lots, for it works best with the cola chicken, you can cut it in big slices, chunks or minced, it doesn’t matter, all based on your likings) and a little bit of garlic (about 1-2 cloves are enough most of the time). Put in the chicken and brown.
After all the surfaces are mostly browned, time to add sauces, I more to a salty person, so I added about 3-4 tablespoon of oyster sauce and about 2-3 tablespoons of light soy sauce. After the chicken pieces are all covered by the sauces, just open 1 can of coca cola, and pour about half a can. You can add in more later-on. Cover the wok, and cook for about 20-30mins (depends on how big is the chicken). And adjust to taste. If you prefer more sauce, then add somemore coke and boil. If it’s too sweet, just add somemore seasalt or soy sauce. and DONE

2. 3 cup chicken
I learnt this from a chef not long ago, and I’ve tried it a few times at home and most of my clients love it. It’s also super simple.
You can either fry the chicken first (before that, marinade with oyster sauce, chicken powder, white wine vinegar (the real recipes is black vinegar though) and some worchestershire sauce which I added myself because the apartment doesn’t have chinese cooking wine. Again all of the marinating taste is based on your preference. Take initiative to taste abit… Add in some corn starch for extra softness in the chicken! ) Or you can boil it (less fatty of course, but the taste and color won’t be as nice).
Mix the sauce in a bowl: 3 cup oyster sauce, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup chinese cooking wine, 1 cup vinegar (bear in mind that the cup is NOT our drinking cup, it’s the chinese teacup which is relatively small, you can also substitute the cup with children’ medicine cup or soup spoon) , and some chicken or dashi stock for richer taste.
Once everything is done, now is the cooking.
Heat the wok, pour in some oil, and garlic and ginger (again, how much is depends on your own preference), then goes the chicken (if you think the chicken are not completely cooked yet, you can add some water, cover, and boil to dry for extra cooking time), and the veges (I added paprika, and some broccoli, but basically anything goes). Finally, but not last, the mixed sauce. And cook for about 15-20mins. When it’s almost done, add in some either corn starch or potato starch (works better) and water mixture. When it comes to the desired consistency, it’s done.

3. Herb chicken
Since the apartment only have thyme, I used the thyme. The real recipes (french style) uses rosemary and dill.
Brown the chicken first.
Heat the wok, put in some garlic, and the chicken. And some milk and cover to soften the chicken for about 15-20mins. When the milk are reduced, add in some light soy sauce, or oyster sauce and adjust to taste. Salt and pepper will do too, if you prefer so. Add in the thyme… Cover again for about 10-15mins, and done!

I guess I’ll continue my potato recipes next time yeah? Too much to absorb and for me, kinda too much to write:D

Mama chicko

Mama chicko

Fried Shallots

With the ending of our daily family catering services (due to Lebaran period and my pregnancy), we started our new product, fried shallots. I realized that a lot of people likes to eat rice (be it plain ones, or seasoned ones like yellow rice or hainanese chicken rice) topped with the fried chopped shallots.
In my mom’s neighbourhood wet market, there are a lot of people selling those, packed ones. I was thinking of buying it before my mom was sceptical about it and said that those contain too much “unhealthy” un saturated oil, and what’s more, most people wants to gain as much profit, thus frying it again and again, and we all know how bad it is to eat re-cycled palm oil. Moreover, with the seasoning, which mostly contains MSG, it’s so not good for me and the baby. Then my mom mentioned, why not making it ourselves?
Since my mom bought a lot of those shallots (the type used for fried ones is completely different from the ones we use for stirfrying or cooking), so I asked my friends, I will do like what we do for ourselves, no repeatations of the frying oil, no additives, no MSG.
This will be our permanent products soon. Check out the pricing at the “tidbits” area. Yay!!!


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