First indonesian menu

A few days ago, we got an order from a friend… my princess’ classmate whose having a birthday bash as well as farewell party (he is going to be transfered to the same school as his sister this coming school year *weeps*). His mom told it’s gotta be something her boy willing to eat and something yummy and healthy as well..
We then come up with this menu:

1. Hainanese chicken rice, accompanied by broccoli carrot stars and braised eggs (kampong free-range eggs of course) for the kids.
2. Tropical orangy milkshake as the drinks.
3. Nasi uduk with traditional fried chicken, green beans tauco, balado egg, sambal goreng ati ampela and kacang teri for teachers and school staffs (homemade sambal terasi also included for extra kick)
4. Milk tea as their drinks

I sort of forgotten to take pictures of the hainanese chicken rice… well, gotta take and download it from our inhouse photographer.  But I do took some gorgeous nasi uduk here….

We are thinking of turning the nasi uduk menu into kids version ( coconut milk is replaced with fresh milk for healthy reasons and no chilli involved in the making of the accompanied vegetables…). Sounds good? Anybody keen on or agreed with us?


mama chicko


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