Easy Peasy Fish

Since I haven’t got my maids yet (anyone of you, if kind enough to offer me one, will be really grateful), I’m going to introduce another simple, no-recipes, fool-proof dish. My family always loved this little fish. anyone who can or cannot cook, call still pull this off. The key is fresh white fish. Fishes like dori (the one I used here), salmon (I know this is red fish, but still taste as nice in my opinion though), garoupa, red snapper, white snapper, etc. It has to be totally fresh, reason being is that it will taste sweeter as compared to not so fresh ones.

first, cut the fish into cubes ( 5x5cm) (it will speed up the cooking, plus you can see when it’s fully cooked or not, the changing from translucent to white)

second, marinate the fish cubes with whatever sauce you love. I used korean BBQ sauce, and my daughter loves oyster sauce. you can also use sesame oil combined with soy sauce, or maybe something more adult-ish white wine (since I’ve been cooking for kids and pregnant ladies, this is not allowed). allow to sit for about 15 minutes to half an hour.

Heat your pan at medium heat. Add in some olive oil (I used corn oil today) and some butter (for an additional depth of taste, you can omit if you don’t like the taste). Fry the fish. You can crowd the fish if you want to, there will be some juice coming out of the fish cubes, but it’s fine, just wait till it absorbs back the flavours. Flip when you can see the color half translucent, half white. The other side should be about the same golden color as the picture here.  and you are DONE!!! How easy it is right???

If you don’t like the marination time, then you can marinate beforehand and put it in a right fit container (I know my mom always use TUPPERWARE, but i kinda like LOCK&LOCK… but basically whichever container). not too big, since the sauce will flow out of the fish, and it will not marinate the fish good enough. Of course when it’s too small, the marinating sauce will spill. But the right fit will be good so the sauce still cover the fish, but not too much. and put it in the FREEZER!!! it can stay for as long as 1 to 2 months. And when you feel like eating it, just take out about half an hour before, and Fry as usual!!!

This is my daughter’s favorite dish by the way, and since it’s fast and quick dish, it’s good to always have this in your freezer!!


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