zucchero plate @ zucchero espresso bar

Ate this plate not long ago and found it’s really a hearty meal. Since it’s hard to find good bacon here in Jakarta, this is really one of a kind (although maybe common in western countries).

The toasts were abit common though (really plain, no trace of olive oil used also)… but goes really well with the perfectly done scrambled eggs (abit creamy and not too dry). and the mushroom were really amazing. I guess I can eat about another serving of the mushroom. It was herby creamy and taste just right. Never really knew mushrooms can taste so nice, maybe I have to give the recipe a try, to know how close I can be with this perfectly done breakfast!

Oh, and also the sausage were just right. not too salty ( judging from the texture of the pork and all, i presume it’s homemade) yet not too sweet.

The next time I go there, maybe I’ll ask for more mushroom and leave the toast out! (what a dream….)


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