Been a while

since we wrote the latest post, we kinda lost track. I had been busy with the new princess in the family and reforming TMG.

There would be quite alot of changes here and there and we would be happy to announce.  


The nuggets also with new and improved recipes, contained more meats and less flour. since previously we used about 10 tablespoons of flour per recipe, now we only used 3 tablespoons, and it tasted sooo so much better. 

Our catering menus had quite alot of changes and all, and it’s all has been so much better. 

We also started a new program. For every purchase of our products, each and every pax will give one portion of food for the homeless elderly and orphans.



This was the second time we had it and we will be doing it again next end of the month.. We will be thinking of the menus and updates will be posted… Yay!!!! 

Hope we can continuously write here for more updates… Menus will be in our instagram @themomsgourmet


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