We are a team of husband and wife, looking for good healthy food, which is harder and harder to find nowadays. Especially when it comes to catering services ( coz it’s also impossible for us to go out and eat every single day isn’t it? it’s too much MSG and oils at risks, well at least, in my opinion).

Before we had our baby, we used to find good food (regardless of whether it is clean, healthy or not… We believe it sounds familiar to you, right? especially in Jakarta, where all the good food comes from either the road side tents or those super expensive restautants!) anywhere around Jakarta, but by being pregnant, we realized we can’t keep doing these sorts of thing ( since we will have the responsibility to take care of our children at least, until they are old enough on their own). We got to eat healthy, regardless of the taste and all. Somehow I find it abit hard to swallow, why can’t we have healthy, but still yummy food??? why does healthy food have to always taste bland or hard to swallow???? so I actually tried to cook healthy, yet yummy food. To my husband’s surprise, the food actually taste yummy to HIM. That’s how we come out with the idea of this sort of catering.

And when I had my baby, I realized that not many parents know and realized how important it is to train our babies right from the start. When i bring my daughter to school, many parents complain about how hard to get their children to eat vegetables, and seafood, and how hard it is to stop them from eating all the bad food (including unhealthy french fries, nuggets, and INDOMIE… come on, admit it…), whereas my daughter will never touch Indomie for one second, and she doesn’t really like french fries. Most of my friends ask me, HOW? How do I do it? How do I actually train her? Well, simple… always give good healthy food from the start! It’s like a mother-tongue. Once they’ve get used to the taste of something, that will be what they would choose for the rest of their lives… (I realized this for the fact that my hubby has a sweeter tastebuds, since he’s from Solo, where most of the foods there are sweeter than anything, and I would prefer saltier food everytime…) I mean I can eat sweet stuff, like braised eggs, gudeg, etc. But I would still crave for other foods that suit my tastebuds. That was why I realized a good healthy, yet yummy catering is good for some young moms who find it hard to coop up with their kids’ eating habits.


Well, we wanted to open a restaurant someday, with this name catering to mothers and babies. I know for a fact that every young and caring moms will find it hard to coop when they were going out for a restaurant lunch or dinner treats. (coz we still have to slow-cook some good healthy food for the little ones, and put it in TUPPERWAREs and foil bags to bring to the restaurant for them to eat, right? ). So we would like to offer a restaurant, where you don’t have to worry all about that! we would prepare for you, just as you would prepare. Slow-cooked, Unsalted, MSG-free, organic ingredients, full of nutrition, and not to mention, YUMMY ( both to you and your babies I believe) . Since this is our ultimate GOAL, we decided to use this name instead!


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