Changes of life

Had stopped bloggin’ about 2 years ago since I was so busy with the little one. 

The primary schooling system were also stressing me out, thus, no more time equals to no blogging time😅. 

Going to do some cleaning and clearing of this website. There are some changes since we specialize TMG now for the new moms and the new borns. 

We had just took over a cafe 3 months ago. We are now re-systeming, re-branding and reforming almost all of the cafe elements before we can reveal the cafe to you all. (Are you not excited about this?? ‘Coz we are!!!) 

We will update soon!! 


Vaccine day

here I am again in beloved Singapore (second hometown of mine, grown up in the most important teenagers period here ) with the princesses. They gotta get injected ( as we all know that varicella ( aka campak ) is kinda scarce in Indo ( well actually is not just in Indo, it happens to the whole south east asia ) and this is a compulsory vaccine ( and i heard some schools has been infected ( because of the scarcity) i’m panicking ). 

Made the appointment months ago and here we are, which also means some shopping days for moi!!!! ( happy wide smilee). Took some trips to baking suppliers and kitchenwares, i’m so happy to find some cute little containers for our products and some tester spoons!!! Yayy!!! 

 Mind me about the dumbells and cutter 😊😊

 These containers can also be used as little containers for small or medium buffets (we do accept orders for office parties and home parties tho… Contact us for more details yah). 
Anyways happy holidays for those who have their holidays ( the kids are having long long holidays since it’s mixed with lebaran holiday…) 

New improved recipes

Been a while again…

We have been busy developing new recipes for The Mom’s Gourmet. And here I’m so proud to announce that our nuggets have new and improved recipes. 

It has more meat than the recipes before, less processed meats. (before, we had to steam and then oven-baked them to make sure everything is well-cooked before we then packed and freezed them for you) Now, we only air-fried them for about 10 minutes to make sure all the insides are fully cooked and pack them and delivered to you. However due to the changes of the recipes and also with the increasing price of salmon, chickens (of course, we use the free range ones) and all other ingredients ( we use free range, self harvested eggs (telur kampung), and rolled oats), we had to change the price as well… But we do guarantee a nicer and better taste with a better nutritions for you and your families. 


We are also pleased to inform that there are alot other new products coming up, like desserts, puddings, jellies and muffins. 

Mulberry jelly topped with fresh strawberries and glazed with apricot jelly ( lovely and refreshing )

Fresh avocado with coffee jelly and topped with super dark chocolate ganache (so sinful yet satisfying!) 

We also have quite a number new soups and herbal drinks coming up ( all nice and tasty! Yayyy!!!! ), also we are going to show you all the permanent menu for confinement period…

Hope we can have the time to upload at all…

Psssttt…. Btw, we will be having bazaar on 22nd of this month in lippo mall kemang (hosted by bayibubu) until 24th ( updates will be on our instagram @themomsgourmet , please do follow us and like us) , and also 25th till 2nd june in emporium mall pluit ( for celebration of vesak day… We will be serving all vegetarian products and foods ) 

Been a while

since we wrote the latest post, we kinda lost track. I had been busy with the new princess in the family and reforming TMG.

There would be quite alot of changes here and there and we would be happy to announce.  


The nuggets also with new and improved recipes, contained more meats and less flour. since previously we used about 10 tablespoons of flour per recipe, now we only used 3 tablespoons, and it tasted sooo so much better. 

Our catering menus had quite alot of changes and all, and it’s all has been so much better. 

We also started a new program. For every purchase of our products, each and every pax will give one portion of food for the homeless elderly and orphans.



This was the second time we had it and we will be doing it again next end of the month.. We will be thinking of the menus and updates will be posted… Yay!!!! 

Hope we can continuously write here for more updates… Menus will be in our instagram @themomsgourmet

First indonesian menu

A few days ago, we got an order from a friend… my princess’ classmate whose having a birthday bash as well as farewell party (he is going to be transfered to the same school as his sister this coming school year *weeps*). His mom told it’s gotta be something her boy willing to eat and something yummy and healthy as well..
We then come up with this menu:

1. Hainanese chicken rice, accompanied by broccoli carrot stars and braised eggs (kampong free-range eggs of course) for the kids.
2. Tropical orangy milkshake as the drinks.
3. Nasi uduk with traditional fried chicken, green beans tauco, balado egg, sambal goreng ati ampela and kacang teri for teachers and school staffs (homemade sambal terasi also included for extra kick)
4. Milk tea as their drinks

I sort of forgotten to take pictures of the hainanese chicken rice… well, gotta take and download it from our inhouse photographer.  But I do took some gorgeous nasi uduk here….

We are thinking of turning the nasi uduk menu into kids version ( coconut milk is replaced with fresh milk for healthy reasons and no chilli involved in the making of the accompanied vegetables…). Sounds good? Anybody keen on or agreed with us?


mama chicko

Soursop goodness

Often we used to drink or eat the fruit without knowing the benefit to oir body. Since we start our program on daily fresh fruit juice delivered to your doorstep, here we want to share something you may or may not know about soursop.
1. Anticancer and antitumor
2. Lessen the risk of stroke
3. Lower down blood pressure
4. Higher immune system
5. lessen backpain
6. Lower down cholesterol
7. Antiaging purpose
8. Weight-watcher
10. Anti-reumatic
11. Anti-asmatism
12. take care of the wellbeing of lungs and heart
13. Help to recover from infections
14. Help cough
15. Help with diarea
16. Help with eczema

Soursop has lots of minerals and vitamins in it, tanin, pottasium, iron, magnesium, folic acid, kalium, natrium, zinc, beta carotene, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, and vitamin C. It even has acetogenins that works as chemotherapy for cancer. Acetogenins are selective and only kills bad cells and let the good cells keep living which works even better than chemotherapy (as we know, chemotherapy kills all cells, the bad together with the good ones, damaging the immune system and all). Since it also helps to lower down the cholesterol, it also a good smoothies choice for older people with cholesterol problems.

Look at all the goodness. Thus this will be on our permanent menu and will be available for order any time of the month. However since soursop is a seasonal fruit, it will be harder to find when it’s not in season.

mama chicko

New menu for order: soup of the day

Since I’ve just given birth to a little princess again… as I said we will cut down on mostly daily catering till I can stabilise with her schedule and all. However since I gotta cook soup everyday still for my daughter and myself (soup is super good for breast feeding as soup  normally contain lots of vitamins and nutritions), we start with soup of the day. Many soup is available for order. However only 1 soup will be up for sale in a day.


Eight treasures soup


White carrot soup with dried scallops


Beancurd soup with ginkgo nuts




Most of the soup with have its own benefits to our body. And since I’m cooking for my daughter, these soup are all safe for children and pregnant and lactating ladies to drink. Some of the soup is to cure away cough, some is good for cold weather, or to clear the lungs and throat.  Some are super good for skin problems like eczema or full of protein for pregnancy and lactation. 
All and all, these soup are double boiled for over 3 hours long so you can imagine how rich the soup are. Most of the time I will come at midnight and the soup is ready in the morning.
And since it’s double boiled, most of the nutritions are still retained in the soup. All the parasites, bacteria and all are cleared away with double boiled method. So it’s really good for the body, both children and adults.
Anyone interested please contact our customer service or email us with your details.

Mama chicko

mama chicko

Valentine’s day and cap go meh celebration

Been busy in posting something here… since the Valentine’s Day and cap go meh celebration came at the same day, we decided to cook steamboat so it will be fun and filling at the same time.


This is something we do every year. Almost similar to the ones we do on the chinese new year eve… just that those are more expensive stuff as compared to this one. There is sooo many thing… include fishmaw (we got it from a grandpa in a small fishermen kampung), sea cucumber, salmon raw fish, kani rolls, fishball (specially flown from singapore), beef meatballs (some are TMG homemade ones and some are special ordered ones), homemade tofu, prawn balls (TMG special homemade), meat filled mushrooms, and some homemade dumplings and veges. There is also Australian ribeye Shabu2 beef.
There are some pregnant ladies (altogether 4 preggos) and children eating this Shabu2. Since there is no frozen food here except the kani rolls, they are completely safe.
We will make it into our permanent special order menus available for order by april.

mama chicko


Happy Chinese New Year

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Here is the matsuzaka beef… look at those marbling!!! Every year don’t know since when our family have this tradition of eating steamboat with the whole big family. I used to sit down and going everywhere to do last minute … Continue reading

All natural pancake

Saw this post in facebook from ‘Kasey Provost Smith’, a fitness guru shared this all natural gluten-free recipe for breakfast. I thought might as well I share it in my blog to let my reader see! it’s good and healthy, and very convenient to bring as school snacks (following the previous post about healthy food programme).

Banana on Pancake

Banana on Pancake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– 1 ripe banana
– 2 whole eggs
That’s it. Just mix together in a bowl and make sure the banana is all mashed (I prefer to use blender in this case). Then spray your pan with some “spray & cook” or coconut oil, or even some butter. On a low to medium heat, scoop some of the batter into the pan & give it about 20-30 sec, flip, and done! Serve and eat!
*Some advice would be to make them small so its easier to flip
Under 250 calories, nearly 14g of protein! No processed anything! These pancakes are gluten free, low calorie. ~ from Easy Recipes, Your Guide to Simple Recipes

mommies can add some fruit syrup (just boil some sugar, and the kids’ favorite fruits like apples, or strawberries in chunks) as the topping to bring to school. Healthy and yummy!


Mama Chicko