New improved recipes

Been a while again…

We have been busy developing new recipes for The Mom’s Gourmet. And here I’m so proud to announce that our nuggets have new and improved recipes. 

It has more meat than the recipes before, less processed meats. (before, we had to steam and then oven-baked them to make sure everything is well-cooked before we then packed and freezed them for you) Now, we only air-fried them for about 10 minutes to make sure all the insides are fully cooked and pack them and delivered to you. However due to the changes of the recipes and also with the increasing price of salmon, chickens (of course, we use the free range ones) and all other ingredients ( we use free range, self harvested eggs (telur kampung), and rolled oats), we had to change the price as well… But we do guarantee a nicer and better taste with a better nutritions for you and your families. 


We are also pleased to inform that there are alot other new products coming up, like desserts, puddings, jellies and muffins. 

Mulberry jelly topped with fresh strawberries and glazed with apricot jelly ( lovely and refreshing )

Fresh avocado with coffee jelly and topped with super dark chocolate ganache (so sinful yet satisfying!) 

We also have quite a number new soups and herbal drinks coming up ( all nice and tasty! Yayyy!!!! ), also we are going to show you all the permanent menu for confinement period…

Hope we can have the time to upload at all…

Psssttt…. Btw, we will be having bazaar on 22nd of this month in lippo mall kemang (hosted by bayibubu) until 24th ( updates will be on our instagram @themomsgourmet , please do follow us and like us) , and also 25th till 2nd june in emporium mall pluit ( for celebration of vesak day… We will be serving all vegetarian products and foods ) 


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