Vaccine day

here I am again in beloved Singapore (second hometown of mine, grown up in the most important teenagers period here ) with the princesses. They gotta get injected ( as we all know that varicella ( aka campak ) is kinda scarce in Indo ( well actually is not just in Indo, it happens to the whole south east asia ) and this is a compulsory vaccine ( and i heard some schools has been infected ( because of the scarcity) i’m panicking ). 

Made the appointment months ago and here we are, which also means some shopping days for moi!!!! ( happy wide smilee). Took some trips to baking suppliers and kitchenwares, i’m so happy to find some cute little containers for our products and some tester spoons!!! Yayy!!! 

 Mind me about the dumbells and cutter 😊😊

 These containers can also be used as little containers for small or medium buffets (we do accept orders for office parties and home parties tho… Contact us for more details yah). 
Anyways happy holidays for those who have their holidays ( the kids are having long long holidays since it’s mixed with lebaran holiday…) 


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