mommy’s catering

Our catering service is mostly done for specialized diets (pregnant moms, postpartum ladies, and babies).

Why The Mom’s Gourmet?

1. We are all about healthy, yet yummy cooking using all fresh ingredients. We also have restaurant style cooking, mixed with homey style. Thus, lots of variety to eat from.

2. We are NO MSG, NO Preservatives

3. We are all organic. Only seafood and chicken (mostly we got it LIVE) excluded.

4. All food are freshly made each and everyday. Some are prepared 1 day earlier (like marinating the meats, since it will taste better that way)

5. We are all about green-living. We uses Lock&Lock containers so as that it’s reusable.


2 responses to “mommy’s catering

  1. Minta penawaran katering harian untuk 4 orang. Kami tinggal di alam sutra. Terima kasih

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