Soursop goodness

Often we used to drink or eat the fruit without knowing the benefit to oir body. Since we start our program on daily fresh fruit juice delivered to your doorstep, here we want to share something you may or may not know about soursop.
1. Anticancer and antitumor
2. Lessen the risk of stroke
3. Lower down blood pressure
4. Higher immune system
5. lessen backpain
6. Lower down cholesterol
7. Antiaging purpose
8. Weight-watcher
10. Anti-reumatic
11. Anti-asmatism
12. take care of the wellbeing of lungs and heart
13. Help to recover from infections
14. Help cough
15. Help with diarea
16. Help with eczema

Soursop has lots of minerals and vitamins in it, tanin, pottasium, iron, magnesium, folic acid, kalium, natrium, zinc, beta carotene, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, and vitamin C. It even has acetogenins that works as chemotherapy for cancer. Acetogenins are selective and only kills bad cells and let the good cells keep living which works even better than chemotherapy (as we know, chemotherapy kills all cells, the bad together with the good ones, damaging the immune system and all). Since it also helps to lower down the cholesterol, it also a good smoothies choice for older people with cholesterol problems.

Look at all the goodness. Thus this will be on our permanent menu and will be available for order any time of the month. However since soursop is a seasonal fruit, it will be harder to find when it’s not in season.

mama chicko


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