Valentine’s day and cap go meh celebration

Been busy in posting something here… since the Valentine’s Day and cap go meh celebration came at the same day, we decided to cook steamboat so it will be fun and filling at the same time.


This is something we do every year. Almost similar to the ones we do on the chinese new year eve… just that those are more expensive stuff as compared to this one. There is sooo many thing… include fishmaw (we got it from a grandpa in a small fishermen kampung), sea cucumber, salmon raw fish, kani rolls, fishball (specially flown from singapore), beef meatballs (some are TMG homemade ones and some are special ordered ones), homemade tofu, prawn balls (TMG special homemade), meat filled mushrooms, and some homemade dumplings and veges. There is also Australian ribeye Shabu2 beef.
There are some pregnant ladies (altogether 4 preggos) and children eating this Shabu2. Since there is no frozen food here except the kani rolls, they are completely safe.
We will make it into our permanent special order menus available for order by april.

mama chicko


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