New menu for order: soup of the day

Since I’ve just given birth to a little princess again… as I said we will cut down on mostly daily catering till I can stabilise with her schedule and all. However since I gotta cook soup everyday still for my daughter and myself (soup is super good for breast feeding as soup  normally contain lots of vitamins and nutritions), we start with soup of the day. Many soup is available for order. However only 1 soup will be up for sale in a day.


Eight treasures soup


White carrot soup with dried scallops


Beancurd soup with ginkgo nuts




Most of the soup with have its own benefits to our body. And since I’m cooking for my daughter, these soup are all safe for children and pregnant and lactating ladies to drink. Some of the soup is to cure away cough, some is good for cold weather, or to clear the lungs and throat.  Some are super good for skin problems like eczema or full of protein for pregnancy and lactation. 
All and all, these soup are double boiled for over 3 hours long so you can imagine how rich the soup are. Most of the time I will come at midnight and the soup is ready in the morning.
And since it’s double boiled, most of the nutritions are still retained in the soup. All the parasites, bacteria and all are cleared away with double boiled method. So it’s really good for the body, both children and adults.
Anyone interested please contact our customer service or email us with your details.

Mama chicko

mama chicko


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