pre-school “grow-fit” programme

had to attend this school programme of my daughter’s school. They encouraged all the parents who brings snacks and bentos to school to prepare good and healthy food instead of those sinful and ‘likeable’ food. I guess that’s a good move provided some of the working parents were clueless of what the kids eat (most of the time, they leave it to the nannies, which in the end, some ‘lazy nannies’ prepare the simplest allowed food, the nuggets with plain rice!!! ).

I had been concern for quite some time, because my daughter has been picking up some bad habits (like eating candies, before she went to school, she doesn’t even know what’s candy, never seen that, never tasted that, and when she was given by somebody else, she will taste it, and spit it out saying ‘i don’t like it mom’, but since she went to school, she starts to like those… started to choose a few types that she likes best like yuppies the gummy bears, or the marshmallows…). And I got even more concern about some of the teachers actually giving those candies and encourages the kids to eat those junk food!!!


20120106-OC-AMW-0755 (Photo credit: USDAgov)

What I’d like to point out here to the mommies out there is that, all habits, starts from US! All children started their first solid food diet from fruits (when they are 6 months old), so I believe there’s no kids who doesn’t like ‘fruits’ in the first place. To those moms who feel like their kids doesn’t like fruits, you gotta think ‘how come?’ or ‘why?’. Maybe one of the reason is you give ‘too tasty food’ (those packed with flavour enhancers, or MSGs) that their tongues doesn’t recognize the taste of fruits the same as they first tasted it in the first place. OR maybe another reason is your house lack of fruits to begin with. when they are 6months old, since it’s the only food they can possibly eat, you go and buy purposely just for them, but once they grown, you find that easier ‘not to buy’ fruits since nobody else in the house would eat them, and when the kids (usually they are 100% copycats) saw the reality that it’s OK for them (since it’s OK for mom and dad not to have fruits too! ) not to have fruits, they start to dislike that, which in the end, becomes a habit, a decision, a choice they made unconciously.  Maybe I should ask, how many of you actually prepare fruits at every single meals of the day, every single day without fail (even when you go out and eat, when you got home, you still have to cut a few chunks of fruits to pop into your mouths)?

For the record, my parents’ house, in-laws’ house, and mine are all packed with fruits, with or without kids. my mom even bought a refrigerator especially just the fruits (thus, she always get the best deals, buying in bulk sizes ) and I can survive 2 days not eating anything else other than fruits. And since my daughter saw fruits each and every single meals, before and after the rice and some other food, she will choose to try and liking it (kids have this tendencies of trying to do something they know will make the adults like them and love them even more). of course, there will be preferences, like she likes papayas more than pineapples, or pears more than apples, but still, they are all from the fruit family.

Common culinary fruits.

Common culinary fruits. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another reason, some of the parents were saying that no matter how much I try to get my kids eating those veges, still they will choose to put it aside. Let’s put it this way, maybe they do, don’t like the taste, don’t like the smell, bla bla, 1001 reasons, but somehow, it’s still come back to US, as parents, are we strong enough to put up with those reasons. there was time when my daughter hates veges too! but i don’t give her a choice (some parents, may think that OMG, my kids don’t touch their food at this lunch time, they might upset the stomach, and then give them other things to eat, like biscuits, or bread, or as long as they got eat something during the passing hours from lunch time to dinner… given those choices, sure of course it tastes so much better than veges, and they are happy to have it…which i think is totally wrong way of building a kid’s good habit…). So when she chose “not to eat the veges”, fine with me. but I cut down on all her snacks during the lunch hours to the dinner, which ending up making her really hungry. She can drink water, or open the fridge, finding exactly the same thing, THE VEGES. So it’s either you starve, or eat the veges. At the end, she automatically chose the veges, as compared to having to starve herself. And at dinner time, she will eat all we ask her to (including the veges). This may happen a few times, before it becomes a habit, eating everything my mom made for me, including the veges and fruits. And now, she automatically chose veges, healthy meats, as compared to junkfood most of the time. although her friends might be having burgers, or french fries, she would try, eat abit, and give up. Gave her a KFC chicken the other time, and she chose to eat the inside (most of the kids likes the skin part, including ME) and she ate only half of the meat, gave the rest for me.

Since the school have such programme and I’m totally into it. I’m going to make it official, I’m going to conduct simple cooking classes for mommies to cook for their kids, And I’m going to add the recipes here!!!


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