new moves new menus

It’s been a while, since I’m running out of “maids” and “helpers” and I’m kinda not sure when they will be back (it has already been a month!!!). Since with my “getting-bigger” tummy, my activities are restricted to certain things. So here’s what we will do.
We’ll set our gathering service menus into a few categories based on the style of cooking. We might have some fusions included inside (since that’s what I’m good at), but basically you all can choose all of the things in the menu (or outside the menus of course!).
Updates will be up soon in the “service page”!!! Just wait and see.

Another thing we’d like to inform is that, we will also have some new products coming up, and we will reach out more frequently to you! We will take parts in bazaar and events. So for those handling bazaars and events, please do contact us if you are interested for us being your vendors! Overall, I’m really happy and excited with this new directions!!!

Mama chicko


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