Fried Shallots

With the ending of our daily family catering services (due to Lebaran period and my pregnancy), we started our new product, fried shallots. I realized that a lot of people likes to eat rice (be it plain ones, or seasoned ones like yellow rice or hainanese chicken rice) topped with the fried chopped shallots.
In my mom’s neighbourhood wet market, there are a lot of people selling those, packed ones. I was thinking of buying it before my mom was sceptical about it and said that those contain too much “unhealthy” un saturated oil, and what’s more, most people wants to gain as much profit, thus frying it again and again, and we all know how bad it is to eat re-cycled palm oil. Moreover, with the seasoning, which mostly contains MSG, it’s so not good for me and the baby. Then my mom mentioned, why not making it ourselves?
Since my mom bought a lot of those shallots (the type used for fried ones is completely different from the ones we use for stirfrying or cooking), so I asked my friends, I will do like what we do for ourselves, no repeatations of the frying oil, no additives, no MSG.
This will be our permanent products soon. Check out the pricing at the “tidbits” area. Yay!!!


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