craving for katong laksa

_MG_0023_MG_0050IMG_0006pictures are taken from:

Anyone who knows me personally kinda know I’ve stayed my way in Singapore for quite some time. Those time has been a memorable ones. My likeness to Singapore cuisine hasn’t really died down since then. And, since I’m pregnant again (well, when I was pregnant with my first daughter, which I always throw out whenever I ate coconut milk, This is the best choice, and I kinda ate alot….), all of the sudden, I have this craving again!!!! (although I ate this on my Singapore trip like last month!! ) This is soooo so near to my sister’s apartment, which is just right beside the Queensway Shopping Center. I heard that (since I can eat it well) they don’t really use coconut milk, but fresh milk instead.

Love the spice, and the curry leaves combination with the so-thick gravy was just perfect! well, I promised my daughter to go there somewhere next year together with this little one that’s coming her way, so wait up KATONG LAKSA!!!


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