homeless day

Got this order from one of my good friend, a well-to-do photographer (well, to be honnest, my previous career was a glamourous one… ). She does this social work every now and then (depends on her tight schedule of course).
She said she was on tight budget (since the quantity is more important here…) And wanted it to be simple, yet filling (you know those people may not be able to eat every single day like most of us, the luckier ones…), also environmentally friendly (no styrofoam, less plastic bags). Abit of a challenge since most of environmentally friendly packaging stuff are much more expensive than those which are not. Yet, my dear hubby (read: partner) found this supplier who can provide us the cardboxes with a reasonable prices. Hip Hip Hoorayyy!!!!
The food we agreed on (well, since I’m going to be 6 months pregnant, I opted for something simpler) is kampong style fried rice. I added some veges ( cucumbers and carrots, that’s the most I can give since the raw materials are going to the top for the puasa period! ) And tortilla-style fried egg with some kerupuk. Since it’s a low cost tight budget lunch box, I can’t use much of my normal seasonings (since mostly non-MSG and costly), I went with my own mixture of cheap yet nice fried rice seasoning mixture, and it turned out to be amazing. At such low cost, it turned out to be really nice. I can’t help but to take a few spoonful of it at the end of the day (the leftovers of course…).
I also added a cube of brownies. I went to this hypermarket to buy some of the ingredients I needed for the fried rice, and found this brownies mixture to be on sale. Since it goes well with the budget, I thought “why not?”. However, there are a few boxes that has to go without (since it was not enough), I added some marshmallows as replacements. There was a total of 90 lunch boxes altogether and we finished on time. It was good though, working for charity purposes.

For children, we added something else. Instead of fried rice (which we thought it might be as satisfactory as those candies and sweets), we gave them goodie bags. Inside there were chocolate wafers, oreo biscuits,sponge cakes, chips, jelly, crackers, and milk. Total of 80 packages were made. And amazingly, we finished them in one and a half hours only!!! Woohoo!!!
All in all, I’m happy that we accepted this job. Hope all the homeless people out there who received our food can feel some warmth and joy.


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