Medanese nasi uduk

Been wanted to eat this nasi uduk for quite some time and I always find it finished whenever I’m going there (muara karang wet market, kopitiam 28). Well, this time I got the chance to eat it.
Love the sambal shrimps. I always ask for additionals since that’s what made it so special. Mild on the rice (not so santan-y which is best for me), but rich on the sambal and veges. There are a few other toppings like rendang beef and chicken, but I like the egg best.
And the best companion for that is ice milk tea served there, in the same kopitiam. It has this very strong black tea flavours that goes so well with the milk. Anybody who likes teh tarik or milk tea, should try one here. It is almost similar to the ones I had in Singapore, one of the best too!!!
I guess this is also another reason why my dad, and even my mom-in-law who lives in another side, bears the trouble to come all the way to the wet market in muara karang. The indulgence of good food, accompanied by everything else!!!


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