curry rice

Our own version of curry rice. A mixture of curry rice and omurice (where the rice was blanketed by half-fried egg).
Where other people used only meats (any kind of meats, chicken, pork, even beef or lamb), carrots, and potatoes, I add a lot more. I like the additional sweetness of veges to the curry, added baby corn, french bean, paprika (mostly all the three colors), sometimes I even added siamese gourds, and courgettes.
Here I used the golden curry (mixture of medium heat and hot), I believed it says to have apple puree, and some other fruit puree in it to get the taste, and added a couple spoonful of vermont curry powder (it is full of spices greatness in it). Just put the cube stock in at the end (when all the vegetables are all cooked to your liking, e.g. if cooking for children or old people, you’d like the vegetables to be softer, thus cooked longer, if it is to be eated by people from the working age, then you may like the vegetables to be cooked just right, not to soft, not to hard and smell of greenliness like what my mom-in-law like to say) and just stir it until it disolves, and voila! it’s done!
Another trick I put in was chocolate. Yes, you read it right, it was chocolate (and I like it to be dark dark chocolate, about 75-85% cocoa is good ). Believe me, it added that extra richness and smoothness in it. Just a bite or two will do the trick, depends on whether you want the curry to be on the sweeter side or more on the savoury side. My husband (who is a pure javanese who was well-known for their likeness of sweet) prefers it to be on the sweeter side. Yet I still like it a little bit on the savoury side. Well, maybe that’s why my curry has that balanced flavour in it.
Normally, inside the egg, I’ll do garlic rice (just normally frying of butter, a little bit of olive oil so the butter won’t burn, and garlic, maybe a bit of salt will do the trick to give the rice a punch). For the egg, it was just normal frying of beaten egg (I used one and a half big eggs, or two free-range kampong eggs, as it is so much smaller than the normal eggs) with a little bit of soya sauce and dash of sesame oil for fragrance. And voila!!! Bon apetit!!!


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