vegetarian in order

chinese style

chinese style

indonesian style

indonesian style

Got this order from a temple. It was cap-go (where most buddhist are in the temple doing their prayers) and the client wanted it to be easy and carry for people who attend.
And since there were a lot of elderly involved, the client wants the people to have 2 options! The chinese (non-spicy), and the indonesian (spicy ones, prepared for mostly medanese who actually prefers hot and spicy).

Chinese style menu is cap chay, fried yellowed chicken , and braised tofu with beancurd. Indonesian style menu is lodeh, kalasan chicken, and sambal tempe. All menus are accompanied by pandan buttered rice.
It was fun though, making all the spices (well, I personally love love lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, so I put a lot in it…). We also put the rice in bento-style flowers topped with sweetened buttered carrots. So when people open the box and going to start their lunch, their day would be brightened alittle bit more!
Since this is for charity purposes, the budget was tight, we then opted for non-organic vegetables instead. We made quite a lot more than in supposed to be (well, I love it, so that we got the chance to eat those too!). We keep our promise of non-MSG and non-additives. We also used milk and creamer for the lodeh (that way, will be healthier in the sense).
We delivered the total of 120 pax. And I decided to put a little “bento-touch” to the lunch box. Flower patterned rice with sweet steamed carrot on it seems sensible enough. It was simple and easy and nice. I kinda feel happier when I open up a lunch box and found a flower in it. Won’t you?


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