what to eat when pregnant?

A pregnant woman

A pregnant woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

here I am again, writing about me being pregnant. This time around, I guess since I’m pregnant, might as well I share with you about food to eat during pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my firstborn, I had this weird thing of not wanting to eat red meats, especially those with oily sauces or coconut milk. This time around, I’m more flexible.


I guess this is the ultimate call being all mothers-to-be. You have got to eat alot and alot of fruits. One key, try to be as colorful as possible. I read somewhere in the net, papaya is the best. They are packed with the enzim to make your digestion smoother, and vitamins as nutritions for your baby.

Many people (especially us, the chinese) say that pineapple is a taboo for pregnant ladies, however, there are some of us, especially feel like eating pineapples during this period of time. One thing I can say about this is, my mom allowed me to eat pineapple (a bit or two, of course, not too much) since I passed my first trimester. Pineapples are also packed with vitamins that are good for your body, as long as you are not eating it too much (they say it’s too harsh for the baby).

2. EGG

When the baby is growing in our stomachs, they actually need much more protein that we imagined. Egg is low in saturated fat and so high in protein content that it’s very good for us, the preggos. The catch is you mustn’t eat it raw. As we know, some dishes (actually I love raw eggs) like bibimbab, have the raw egg yolk on the top of the meat, and when mixed in, it’s heavenly. As we all know that raw eggs actually prone to salmonella, a virus that might be dangerous to the baby in our belly. Things like mayonnaise (in case anyone wonder why, it’s mostly made purely the mixture of egg yolks, oils, and mustard or lemon juice) also need to be avoided. in exchange, we can try hollandaise sauce (it’s made from exactly the same ingredient as mayo, just that this one are cooked).  There are times I also can’t stand the temptation to eat half-boiled eggs (and it’s totally packed with nutritions and all), try to limit myself to once or twice a month. That’s a reasonable amount I guess.

Oh, and I just got the information from babycenter.com, don’t worry about the cholesterol ( does anybody know that cholesterol builds 3/4 of the baby’s brain? and it’s also very good for children too! up to teenagers, they are still encourage to take cholesterol for the brain developments). A normal healthy women (not pregnant) are encouraged to take one to two eggs daily as a part of a healthy balanced diet with low saturated fat (egg contains very low in saturated fat), not to mention US, the preggos.


Best nut: WALNUT  For it’s high in omega-3, and very good for the baby’s brain development. normally I like to pop into my mouth just like that when I watch TV or such, just throw in some into your salad (remember to clean the veges before eating ).

Almonds are also good for its good fat. especially when you are pregnant with baby boy ( I’m sure most of mothers nowadays have known the gender of the baby at about the second trimester). It’s also recommended to let your boys (more than 1 year old) to drink almond milk as part of their everyday routine.

Best bean: SOY BEAN for it’s high contain of protein and fiber. It also help to give nice smooth skin to the baby. Thus, especially good when you are pregnant with baby girl. It’s also good for your girls to drink throughout their growing up, as it contains alot of good female hormones and very low in saturated fat.


especially spinach and kale that’s also high in iron content to help us, mothers-to-be to build more HB (hemoglobin) content in our blood cells which are actually needed for building our baby’s cells.

5. FISHes and PRAWNs

Nobody can argue about how good fishes are for our body, especially when we are with a baby inside. Something to take note is you should avoid at all time, SARDINES and MACKEREL as they are super high in mercury content. Tuna can be eaten in moderate frequency (like once or twice a month is fine).  Salmon (especially those wild ones) are also damned good for its omega-3 content.

Surprisingly prawns are also recommended food for pregnancy. The catch is (especially in Indo), you need to find live ones (no formalin and friends). Or at least a sea-breed. Try as much as possible don’t eat those from farms (as they are high in some minerals which might be harmful for the baby) or dead ones (those black in color, and smell bad fishy!).

As far as I know, these are the ones I know in general. Although there are some recommend to eat more beef (up to 1/2kg per day) and lean meat to help the third trimester and all, I guess that’s more to personal need. Hope this helps:)


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  1. Healthy diet for a pregnant women is much more important than normal. Healthy Women gave birth to healthy Babies and they become healthy and active nation.

    Maureen Muoneke MD

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