coming back with new direction!

Tea w/ Orange

Tea w/ Orange (Photo credit: LexnGer)

hi all, it’s been a while since I’ve written here. Feel really bad about that, yet can’t do a thing. The thing is I just found out that I was pregnant a few months back, and felt so lazy to cook and not to mention, write the blog. So there I was, falling to sleep again and again and AGAIN!!! and the bad thing is about a month ago, when my antibody is kinda low, i got this cold and flu and super bad cough from my dear princess. The thing is my daughter can eat her flu and cough meds, yet I only can count on high potency vitamin C, Echinaceae, and honey to boost my antibody to fight the illness out! So here I am again, lazy as ever to write the blog AGAIN!
Been in mind to write this post for quite some time now, and I literally have to drag myself to do this. What a shame???
well, since as you all know, I just got myself pregnant! so had to change some of the operational things in TMG. We will cut down on the daily catering services. because of the Lebaran is coming and my delivery date is coming after that.
We will focus more on frozen products like nuggets, ready-homemade sauces, and flosses. Other than that, we now cater to small parties and gatherings, from holiday lunches or brunches, company gatherings, power breakfasts, open houses, cocktail parties or even house warming parties.

we will try as much as possible to cater to your budgets and requirements, like you prefer chinese food, western, italian, japanese, korea… whatever you have in mind. We can also serve only canapes, finger foods and fruit coctails for casual tea-time gatherings. Or even prepare foods just for the kids (with all the requirements, no MSG, no Preservatives, no additives and all… just as what we will prepare for our kids, that’s what we can guarantee you ) if any of you prefer to eat the food the children might not like.

Accordingly, later on (when my condition can allow me to do so) I will post the products prices and whatever we provide. And just for your information, all the frozen products are freshly made-by-order, and no MSG involved, so rest assured that all those frozen stuffs are allowed for your children.

well, I guess that’s all I’d like to say this time ( my sleepy mode is calling me!  and it’s just 10 o’clock in the morning!!! ). will update again whenever it’s possible to do so for sure! ADIOS!


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