today’s menu: 18-22 March 2013

really sorry for the late update on the menus, we have been expanding, and arranging the kitchen, thus we were going day by day basis on menu wise.

Here’s the menu for the coming week.

monday, 18 March

  1. Fumak with Eel
  2. french bean stirfry with ebi
  3. wakame cucumber salad
  4. bakut teh

tuesday, 19 march

  1. salmon au papiere
  2. egg with spinach and cheese
  3. asparagus and green gourd in bacon
  4. carrot soup

wednesday, 20 march

  1. chicken thai green curry
  2. cap chay (thai style)
  3. beansprout with mango
  4. seafood soup

thursday, 21 march

  1. pork with long beans and black olives
  2. eggroll with floss
  3. green veg stirfry
  4. beancurd ginko soup

friday, 22 march

  1. steamed chicken with hoisin sauce
  2. steam broccoli
  3. milk bun
  4. pork vegetable soup

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