the fishermen’s belief

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taken from

watched TLC, no reservation by Anthony Bourdoin (japan). And I found it amazing how most japanese think. hopefully, one day Indonesia is going to realize that and followsuit, since we have one of the richest ocean in the world.
as we all know very well that Japanese eats lots and lots of fish every single day. it is part of their daily diet. nothing more, nothing less. it’s been in their culture for so long, yet, has anybody wonder why they always have fishes around to be caught and eaten every single day?
All they do is this way of selective fishing. they will never catch anything less than 40cm long (and they were talking about yellowtail). they said the reason was to let the smaller fish grow bigger, and that way, will grow more meat to eat. and they actually let the fishes GROW!!! and i bet they made that choice conciously! every single one of the Japanese fishermen out there, made that particular choice.
if you look at our own selves (and i don’t mean to exaggerate), there are still so many little fishermen or even big ones, just for the sake of their own selves (earning more, at shorter time) even using small explosives to catch the fish, which means the entire habitat at that particular area DIED! see the contrast? (I saw it with my own eyes, a baby shark died because of that at the tiger islands, see for more info). how ironic?
I am also one of fish eaters around (including my daughter). Hopefully, one day, Indonesia is going to make that choice and thus, grow bigger and richer and healthier.

mama chicko


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