member get member programme

Since we have lots of request for discounts ‘coz some clients actually introduces their friends and relatives to us, we made this for them, member-get-member programme.

This is the details:

1. For every new clients you introduces us, you get 10% off for the next month’s subscription. Example, you introduce 1 client in January, means 10% off your February bill. You introduce 2 clients in February, means 20% off your March bill, and so on. This also means if you introduce us 10 clients in a month, means you get your next month’s bill FOC (what could be more?)

2. If the clients you introduce, continue for the following month, means you get additional 5% off for the same month. Example, your friend continue to subscribe with us for 2 months, means your first month would be the 10% off , and the second month would be the 5% off.

3. Subsequently, for the following month, the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on so forth, you will still get 1% off your bills. This means if you get 5 of your friends to continue with our catering, you will get another 5% off your monthly bills.

4. All of this discount only applicable for the food menus (and not the transport fee).

5. Discounts will stop when you stop subscribing with us.


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