food review: Hide Yamamoto

I had to go Singapore for some job, and for my mom’s check up. Just nice my dad was there too on business trip, since we had all the family members together on “cap go meh”, my dad decided to give us a nice treat. This is the final decision, Hide Yamamoto. Our family has this thing about japanese food, especially nice ones:D

There was some rave about the wagyu there from my dad’s friend’s son. So we decided to get it, as well as the foi gras. Turn out it was soooo nice that it melts in the mouth. My daughter loves loves the chawan mushi (it has this layer of truffle stock and topped with fresh sea urchin). Look at her face when she was eating the chawan mushi.

Another amazing menu there was the pork belly. It was superbly done. It was well seasoned and even my daughter (who rarely love red meats be it pork or beef) enjoys it very much that she asked for more.
However, after we ate so much menus, at the end, we found the wagyu not so amazing afterall. They have different other menus which we found more interesting than the wagyu itself.
My mom (who is Buddhist and eats vegetarian food on “chu I and cap goh”) decided to get the truffle vegetable teppanyaki and edamame truffle and oh, it was heavenly. Love the edamame ‘coz it was really something. I think I might try to do it with my own way.
The dessert was really something too. It was a whole melon, freeze it and cutting it when serving, it was so nice that my daughter was asking for more from my sisters.
Overall it was a nice and unforgettable experience. They said they going to open it here in Jakarta end of this year. Wait and see!!!


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