happy chinese new year!!

Happy chinese new year everyone!!! And happy valentine!!! We are really sorry that this time around we are soooo busy preparing for the new year and party and all, that we can’t find the time to post something here.
We were making some new recipes for snacks, and desserts for order this time.

* Dark chocolate mochi (it’s the most favorite one of all, most of my clients just can’t get enough of it)
* coconut pudding (well, we have a special recipe, and we don’t use coconut milk, which many knows how dangerous it can be!)
* cheeseballs, almond cheeseballs, chocoballs (this is our new product, and it was quite good in response:)

We also started our first chinese new year menu (for the duan yuan fan, big family dinner), and this year, this is what we come up with:

1. Fishballs and fishmaw (hi phiau) soup
2. Fruits and vegetable salad
3. Honey glazed chicken
4. Pan-sheared dori fish with creamy mushroom sauce
5. Buttered prawn with strawberry plum sauce
6. Steamed scallop and broccoli with dried scallop abalone oyster sauce
7. Yaki udon
8. Coconut pudding
9. Dark chocolate mochi

All of these with just IDR 2.880.000 (and we also give FREE cheeseballs and chocoballs).
We hope to make better improved menu this coming year!!! In order to do so, we need all your support:)
After the celebration, we give some indulgence to our clients. Here is our first menu for the chinese new year

1. Lobster tempura with sweet sour sauce
2. Mixed vegetable stirfry
3. Tofu cashew cake with garlic sweet chilli sauce
4. Seafood tofu soup

Enjoy the fun! And happy collecting angpao!!!


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