menu for the week: 7-11jan 2013

As we have promised, we’ll try to stick to schedule for posting the menus every week.

1. Pomfret cooked in black vinegar
2. Fuzzygourd stirfry with ebi and egg
3. Aubergine zuchini stirfry
4. Watercrest red dates soup

1. Pork fried nanking style
2. Baby caisim prawn stirfry
3. Egg rolled with abon
4. Celery soup

1. Stirfry chicken with basil and paprika
2. Moyashi bilis stirfry
3. Broccoli garlic
4. Fish daikon soup

1. Shepherd’s pie
2. Dill potato
3. Braised red cabbage
4. Chicken cauliflower soup

1. Fried tongue fish with shallot salsa sauce
2. Glazed mixed vegetables
3. Mushroom tortilla
4. Meatball soup

However, this menu is subject to changes due to availability of the raw materials.
Anyone asking for tester pack, can drop us an email or call us.


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