Happy new year 2013

Our first meal of 2013. It cosist of:
1. Potato leaves stirfry with XO special sauce
2. Double-boiled pork with salted fish
3. Olive rice
4. Tomato egg soup

Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did. Love the olive rice. My daughter loves her tomato egg soup too. It was simple and easy fuss-free soup, and it’s healthy, full of vitamins too.

And the menu for the 4th, which is today,
1. Vegetable tauco stirfry
2. Sambal goreng fish
3. Kangkung terasi ebi
4. Chicken vegetable soup

Very indonesian indeed. However, I did it with a twist. Less hot, so people can taste the real vegetables and all.

Hopefully, it’ll be a good starting to the brand new year.

Wish everyone here a very happy new year, be all the hardwork and struggle in the past years be fruitful and bring us success and joy this year!



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