happy tang yuan jie

We’ve been super busy towards this end of the year. With the catering starting to move and grow faster and faster, I have less and less time to try other new things, including my favorite, food.
Today is tang yuan celebration to almost all Chinese around the world.
Well, I have made this since I was a little kid (you know, trying to help mom, but at the end, adding more work and messing around in the kitchen even more than it already does! All kids’ doing). My mom always made it with red food coloring agent, and green pandan plus a little more greeny coloring agent too to add the vibrancy of the colors when it’s cooked. But somehow, over the years, my mom has come to realize that coloring agents are always bad for health, hence, avoiding that as much as she could.
Last year, we used carrots’ juice for the red (it came out to be more orangy than red, and it somehow disappoint her). This year, she changed it to beetroot. I kinda like this plumy red color (very obvious as compared to the rest of the colors).
As for the green (since pandan always give the soft baby green color and my mom figures it would be too bland if combined with the plumy reds), thus she added some greenies like ‘caisim’, spinach and all, it turns out to be quite nice.
Now, normally we have chocolate color using the good cocoa powder and abit of melting dark chocolate, since we were running out of time (we were super busy the other day when making this ‘onde’), my mom decided to eliminate the chocolate instead.
And additionally, for the whites, we actually do a sweet potato version ( we pureed the already steamed sweet potatoes and added to the glutinous dough).

For the soup, which normally, Indo-chinese style is using ginger brown sugar melted together as one harmony, my aunties uses cocktails ( the longans, lychees, and some mixed fruits ) to serve. And for a twist, I’m using soya milk (homemade ones of course) to serve. My daughter loves it as well as my hubby (although for his javanese blood, he still crave for the ginger brown sugar). Though I personally prefer this soya milk than the sugar. Next year I think I’m gonna try something else. Just wait and see!


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