bubble booms!

been sick these few days, and my dearest sister is here (she is on holiday since this time is a down-time for hotel work in Singapore before going up again very soon in late November, early December due to Christmas holiday season). And so, my cousins have been visiting and they’ve brought her to a few newest, latest, coolest hang-out places, bubble tea houses ( a new, revised versions of the old ‘hop hop hop’ and “quickly”).

This also reminds me of what we were talking and gossiping about a few weeks ago, when I went for a reunion lunch with my two best friends ( one of them, a marketing director for a big property in Pantai Indah Kapuk, which, as everybody who stays in Jakarta, by now knows, got lots of bubble tea houses standing there as hang-out places). Yeah, true, we were talking about how dangerous, and un-healthy the drink is, but still… so inviting, and tempting and addictive to some of us. (for a fact, as per we were saying how dangerous it was, one of us already offering to buy us some after that particular lunch… how ironic? )

my daughter for example, is one of the bubble victim. Although I always try to get her eating healthy (and she usually  knows what to choose ), and when it comes to bubble tea, she just melted. What happened yesterday was hilarious too! She practically begged me to get a bubble tea.  I kinda sure this may happens to most of the moms out there. Kids will always be kids, and they are still so week to temptations like this.

One thing I always do is, I always get grass jelly, or egg pudding, aloe vera or glassy jelly instead of the bubble ( for a nutritional facts, it was mainly made of tapioca starch and brown sugar if it’s brown, white sugar if it’s white, so you can already guess what’s basically inside each pearls besides calories – ZERO). I try to get my daughter to like the other jellies than the bubble itself. Although she can get it once in a while as indulgence.

Another important thing is I do find the sugar level of the drink is too high. Thus, I always cut down the sugar level to minimum 50%. sometimes, if I add egg pudding (well, the pudding itself has a bit of sweetness by itself) i decrease the sugar level to 30%. I also cut down on the ice to 50% or if it’s night time, or when she’s prone to sickness, I’ll ask for No ice at all.

whereas for milk, I’m not worried so much about the fat in milk (which my daughter still needs in her age for her physical development). But, if you do, or when I drink for myself, I’ll ask for non-fat milk if they do have. I don’t mind paying more really, for the less fat you get into your body (since I’m sure my body don’t need it anymore, and it’ll eventually become redundant and turn back to kill me instead).

So here they go, a few simple steps for healthier you and your children. Just remember bother to ask, it won’t hurt a thing.

By the way, here are some that I’ve tried so far that’s nice :

1. Chatime- i guess this is only the hazelnut chocolate that’s good

2. comebuy (pluit emporium) – they have very nice signature milk tea as compared to a few other brands so far.

3. calais – the lavender and rose milk tea are my daughter’s favorite with egg pudding

4. oh yes (at the px puri) – so far tried once, but it was super satisfactory

5. dakashi (PIK) – like the charcoal milk tea ( something special i guess)

6. fat bubble (PIK-opposite dakashi) – they have this popping bubble which has flavours inside the bubble itself, to me, it’s creative! and they have the heineken green tea which is also creative!


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