vegetarian catering

First of all, thank you so much for those who come to our charity bazaar at Tutor Time Pluit. Thank you for your supports so we can give more to the needies.

This time we’re going to talk about vegetarian catering. We have got a few vegetarian clients now (my mom, aunt, and grandma are full-time vegetarian by religion, so I kinda know what are the things allowed, and what’s not…).
One of the set-backs being vegetarian nowadays is too much chemicals get into our body every single day (many of them cook with MSG, or processed “fake” meats, “fake” fishes, etc. As most of them can’t really resist the “need” to eat meats, and as business runner, those “fake” meats are so much cheaper than actually real vegetables… ). And as you all know, we are all against processed food (even for normal “low-cost” family catering (the fam’s gourmet), I never used those ready-made nuggets, sausages, etc. If we really have those in our menus, that are the ones we actually hand and home-made, so we can control the saltiness, and the chemicals going into the meats).
My grandma had once hired those full vegetarian catering before, and she complained everyday for having to repeat dishes everyday, and the only taste dominant in those dishes is “hot”, not even spicy sometimes (I refer to those good and nice smelling spices like cinamon, turmeric, coriander, etc.). They only do it with mostly chilli, and chilli, and chilli. And so, my grandma stopped after 1 month, coz she prefer to cook herself at the end.
One thing about being vegetarian, yeah, your diet is actually limited to only vegetables, and nuts, and vegetables again. But believe me, with exactly the same ingredients, hundreds of combination, ways of cooking into different dishes. For example, eggplant. Most indonesians, maybe those vegetarians only maybe know fried sambal terong, and lodeh. However, besides those 2 dishes, we still have eggplant pizza, mousaka (eggplant lasagna), japanese eggplant curry, ratatoille (yes, the disney movie, and the main ingredient is actually eggplant!), and many more.
The most important is the essence of being vegetarian. Yeah it’s really good, both as goodwill, as you don’t get to kill those animals, and good for your health (literally, with conditions of eating really just vegetables, and as everybody knows vegetables are mostly good for your digestion system). We saw quite a lot of people being vegetarian, yet got sick with a lot of different kinds of sickness (unbelievable right?). We realized that those people actually ate too much of MSG (the chemicals, just to get the food taste almost like “real” meats) and those processed “fake” meats. If it is so, why should anybody be vegetarian? Just to get poisons into our body? Ironically, many restaurants and catering runners serve mostly those (sort of killing you slowly isn’t it?) as those actually are favorites among patrons. Actually with a little bit more creativity in making the dishes, we can make vegetarian more tasty and yummy, yet many people don’t realize this point.
That’s why, we are commited to serve healthy food, but still yummy, especially for those vegetarians, where choices are limited.


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