The hectic Monday

There is a sudden order yesterday afternoon, for today. And since it’s supposed to be a BIG client for our future, I had to say ‘yes’.

It’s a low budget lunch box for students and teachers in one of Jakarta’s catholic school. Yeah, yeah, I know, the ‘low budget’ seems to get in the way for kids nowadays to eat healthy (well… we’ve been to international school, and they have the same budget with this catholic school… can you imagine?). well, for 10.000 rupiahs, how healthy can you be?

So, since we’ve sworn ( me and my husband) to reform this kind of thoughts (the ‘low budget and as long as it’s edible’ kind of thoughts) in schools and parents, we gotta start somewhere isn’t it? I tried to push the budget, and (although they still insisting on the same budget) this is what i’ve come up with!

first option:

1. honey glazed chicken (yeah, it’s real honey! And it’s ‘golden aged’)

2. macaroni vegetables carbonara al fondo (my own twist on mac and cheese)

3. butter rice

4. mango pudding

second option:

1. pandan fried prawn chicken

2. potato onion bean tortilla

3. garlic rice

4. mango pudding


for teachers (and the budget is 15.000 rupiahs), they got additional stuff:

first option:

glazed buttered vegetables

second option:

long bean genjer stirfry with shrimp paste
and for important VIP guests (and the budget is 20.000 ), we added another thing to make it a complete meal:

first option:

roasted herby potatoes

second option:

green vegetable stirfry with oyster sauce (I kinda like this simple dish)


frankly I don’t know which one they would choose. but i personally love both… which one would you prefer?

For the record, I’m totally late for my daughter’s school (since there’s so much i have to prepare out of the blue).

And this is the menu for our family and kids package:


1. hash beef rostii

I added some macaroni (gluten-free) and bechamel sauce just below the grated potatoes

2. coriander omellete

something simple and savory

3. long bean genjer stirfry with shrimp paste

I know, I know, it’s the same with the lunch box menu, but I’m running late, and this is the fastest I can come up with on hand.

4. simple spinach soup
for kids:

1. hash beef Rostii

2. coriander omellete

3. butter rice

4. simple spinach soup



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