update: charity bazaar 25 Oct ’12

I’m cracking my head open with what to make on the charity bazaar. I’d love to make those of my favorites (so at least, people get to buy, and the money get to go to the needy kids) or at least people’s favorites.
Well, I’ve been thinking a lot and still am cluless of what to make for the day.
Few things have come up though :

1. Sweet chilli rice
Will be making this in the donburi (japanese rice bowl) size, so will be more affordable and I can get people to buy more. From what I understand, people has been requesting this again and again for quite some time now.

2. Oyakodon
It’s a authentic japanese egg rice bowl, haven’t really made this for my catering service though, but so far, this is my husband’s and sister-in-law’s ultimate favorite dish of mine (well, it’s not entirely japanese style like what the restaurants in Jakarta serves, I did put a twist here and there from the original recipes to suit my own tastebuds, and eventually everyone else’s). I’m still considering whether to make it all chicken, or have it in 2 options, chicken, and seafood. Drop me comments of what you, readers think best? Thanks lots!

3. Coconut puddings
My child’s school has been raving about this pudding (almost close to maystar’s, one of the nicest chinese food restaurant in Jakarta, just that I didn’t really use coconut milk at the end, so mine is clearer in color and lighter in taste… I reckon people can eat more this way! And it’s healthier:D )

4. Dark chocolate mochi
I copied this recipe from one of Japanese chocolatier (one of the nicest I’ve tried so far). The first time I tried this mochi, I sort of melt together with the melting dark chocolate in the mouth (believe me, it’s THAT nice). And mine has come really close to that one (and am really proud of it), except that mine is not as long lasting (since I use no preservatives in it). 3-4 days max if you put in the refrigerator (although it’s best eaten at room temperature).

Apart from this 4, am still thinking of whether should I make salmon baked rice, will decide soon.

And for the kids, I’ve had bento-style lunch box ready too!
I will have the rice decorated as animals, simple ones though, like penguin, panda, sheep, chicken, and pig. And the children get to choose what topping they want. I shall have seafood, chicken, pork, and beef.

Haven’t yet figured out what to do with the seafood, and chicken, but I’ll be doing japanese curry for pork, and beef stew for the beef. Will be updating again, once I’ve figured out what to do for the fish and chicken.


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