charity bazaar 25oct2012

A few days ago, we were offered by our kid’s school teachers to join the bazaar for KDM charity event in the school. I agreed!

For those who would like to test our catering food before engaging us as your children’s caterer ( well, we do understand that there’s nothing to be too careful about, right?), can drop by here to buy our children’s bento ( yes, yes, we are making it bento style for the sake of the kids) or just try out specialties, coconut pudding, and dark chocolate mochi (and it’s melting in your mouth, not like any other mochi).

At the same time, you are giving some to the needies children, what could be better than this?

However, since it’s a pre-school and the school’s security is quite strict on strangers, please do inform us about your coming.

RSVP: 0815 1426 2426 ( BB pin 2614F156)  or   0878 8110 8887 (BB pin 2200E300)   or email or

location: TUTOR TIME international preschool
Pluit ( Pluit samudera no. 57)
(just right beside a carwash and lau’s kopitiam)

time: 08.00 – 12.00


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