Kid’s menu

Kid’s menu today:

1. Butter garlic toumiao

We use organic  baby tou Miao here. We took off all the stems for easy chewing. French butter is used here as well to give more milky taste (We understand that kids mostly will like milky taste)

2. Barley beef stew

We use organic ribeye mixed with sirloin. Some veges like carrots, potatoes, onions, etc. We added barley for extra taste and as a thickener (instead of using all purpose flour ( I don’t really like my kid to eat flours, and this is my solution).

3. mushroom chawan mushi

We use pork broth to add on to the egg (instead of just plain water). Fresh organic shitake are used here.

4. Chicken rice

We added ginger gravy and soya to extra soft taste.


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