Simple salad

Similar to all the household around in Jakarta, or I should say all the big cities in Indonesia, there is NO MAIDS in the house to help around with the complicated cooking and all. so my resolution to this would be simple easy healthy food, for me, my family and also my daughter (she’s 3 this year by the way).

one of the simplest food around in the world is SALAD. but most of the people will be turned off just by hearing the word ‘salad’ or ‘veges’ (Shhh… it also includes my hubby by the way….). One key to this is “RICH“. since all the veges are all kinda bland and tasteless to some people, that was the reason why people used to feel resistance towards salads (since most of it contain veges). so you have to prepare it either too sweet (that is if you like sweet of course), or too acidic (i prefer this sourness, coz it provides freshness that goes along very well with the vegetables), too salty (i always like this, it provides tastiness to that ‘bland’ feel, a body to the dish), or even combine the two options, like too acidic and too salty together, or too sweet and salty together, or sweet and sour together. That will always work out well.

for example, this picture above, was commented lovely by even my dad (although he has been eating out due to entertaining some clients, and has harsh tongue in a way that he wouldn’t put anything less than good into his mouth).

the ingredients:

  1. avocado ( make sure it’s just ripe, and not ‘too ripe’, coz it tends to be mushy)
  2. onion (cut thinly to avoid the teariness)
  3. tomatoes (cut in cubes)
  4. mixed lettuce (I only use one kind here. the curly one, since I run out of the rest, but basically any kind of lettuce or a mixture of all kinds will do)
  5. bellpepper (i forgot to put when i took this picture, but basically if you wanna include, then cut into small matchsticks or small dices)
  6. feta cheese in spices oil (i love love love this for salads, it just completes the dish)
  7. sage (as garnish, and all some freshness to it)
  8. mint leaves (give that minty flavour, again, you are aiming for ‘rich’)

now, the sauce:

  1. lemon juice (i use half of it in the beginning, to make sure the avocado doesn’t change color, and the rest in the dressing sauce)
  2. sesame oil (i used japanese style in this salad, which they usually does include this)
  3. sesame seeds (roasted on the pan without oil until about brown)
  4. olive oil
  5. salt and pepper (quite a big pinch, coz I’m aiming for too salty)
  6. few drops of apple cider vinegar (since I’m aiming for too acidic)

MIX all ingredients together, and voila! it’s done!

see, how easy it is. and it taste good, and healthy!!!


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